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The 2021 #Triumph #SpeedTriple 1200 RS - the latest version of the iconic flagship naked range from the British manufacturer sees a complete makeover; a 26% power-to-weight increase with a peak power figure of 177bhp and 198kg (wet) weight is the main headline.

Bennetts BikeSocial's Michael Mann was among the very few who got to prod, poke and produce questions about the new Triumph ahead of the official information being released to the public. Chief Engineer, Stuart Wood, was on hand to give us all the details, and even started the bike up for us!

Here's the full feature: https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/news/2021/january/new-triumph-speed-triple-1200-rs-2021

▶️ 00:00 Intro and video overview
▶️ 00:58 Speed Triple' family tree
▶️ 01:22 Influence from '94
▶️ 02:04 New exhaust look
▶️ 03:10 Power-to-weight (PS/BHP)
▶️ 04:43 Torque figure
▶️ 05:14 New engine dimensions/capacity
▶️ 06:40 Gearbox details
▶️ 07:12 New quickshifter
▶️ 07:58 Optimising the handling
▶️ 09:06 Acceleration performance (0-100mph)
▶️ 10:06 Electronics/Rider Modes
▶️ 11:44 Riding position
▶️ 12:46 Suspension/Brakes
▶️ 13:52 Wheels/Tyres
▶️ 14:15 Price
▶️ 15:18 An S or an R model?
▶️ 15:37 ***Engine start***
▶️ 16:17 Colours, availability, warranty and servicing
▶️ 17:05 Bennetts Rewards advert

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